Protect your camera from the water

I have always wondered why gadgets are not made more waterproof these days. I am not saying we should be able to text underwater, but wouldn’t it be great if water damage was a thing of the past?

Cameras are sometimes used in very extreme or unusual locations due to people trying to catch impressive shots, and the risk of your expensive compact camera or DSLR being subject to water damage might be increased. Here at LoveCases we have the answer to your problems. Overboard is a brand that specialises in waterproofing accessories, and we offer a range of these accessories to protect your camera.

Firstly let’s look at a camera bag found here that will protect your DSLR. The Overboard Waterproof DSLR Case will protect your expensive DSLR when dropped in the water by keeping it afloat so not only will it avoid water damage but you can be assured it won’t sink. This case has a waterproof rating of class 3 meaning it can cope with prolonged submersion and even submersion more than 3 feet in depth. It has a soft internal lining which will protect your camera from knocks, scratches and scrapes.  Elasticated mesh pockets inside the bag mean you can even store spare batteries or memory cards safely.

Another case that Overboard offers is the Waterproof Zoom Lens Case. This case is made for compact cameras that are equipment with an optical zoom. The good thing about this case is that you don’t have to take it out to use it, so you can use the camera underwater. It has a waterproof rating of class 5, assuring you it is water tight for up to 19ft of submersion.  The case is also ultra clear so you don’t need to worry about it affecting your photos.

Now for a more universal accessory, the Overboard Pro-Sports Waterproof Backpack can be used to store your camera whether it is your compact camera, DSLR or camera gear. This camera backpack has a capacity of 30 litres meaning you can protect a number of your gadgets from the water. Like the Overboard Waterproof DSLR Case this backpack will float if dropped in the water and has a waterproof rating of class 3, meaning it can cope with submersion up to 3 feet.

Hopefully one of these accessories will suit your camera and help you protect it from water damage, so you can have peace of mind when travelling and getting those great photos.


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