What do you get if you combine headphones with a zipper?

We’ve all seen trends come and go, over the head ear phones where big when they were first released, then they slipped behind with the release of in-phones, in terms of popularity, and now they’re back again with brands such as SkullCandy and Beats by Dre seemingly aiding their comebacks.

Add to that skinny jeans, checked shirts (and why did someone put a hood on the back of them?!), hoodies, combat trousers and many more different trends all having their time in the limelight. With so many different things coming through it’s hard to decide on what trend will be the latest hit or what will be wielding it’s way into the bargain bin before it’s even had a chance to enjoy mediocre success.

That being said it’s the headphone category which I’ve been pretty impressed with in recent times and one particular design of headphones has stood out far more than any of the others. I’m a massive fan of music, I listen to it on the bus and train to work and home, when I’m just sitting around the house and whilst I’m working I’m usually found with a pair of headphones in my ears. I’ve used over the head, in the ear, around the ear, anti-tangle, Bluetooth, pretty much any style you can imagine and I’ve never found a set of headphones which I could categorically say “yeah! these are my best headphones.” Well until now that is.

My main gripe with headphones of course is….tangles! There’s nothing worse than going to grab your headphones to listen to your tunes whilst you’re on the train and then you end up spending the entire journey getting rid of 62,000 knots that somehow appeared whilst your headphones was tidily tucked into your bag. The solution – anti-cable, I do like these, I’ve got 2 pairs of anti-cable headphones and I can honestly say that neither have gotten tangled so they’re quick and easy to use, my gripe with these is that, due to the flat cable, they stick out like a sore thumb, they don’t fall neatly and as a result don’t look as good as rounded cables.

That’s when I saw the Zippit Anti-Tangle and was instantly intrigued. Firstly they do look stylish, with a range of different colours available they certainly add a touch of colour and style to your device. Secondly the zip design helps to remove the possibility of your headphones getting tangled whilst they’re ‘zipped up’. So I tried a pair and they fall nicely from your ears without sticking out and looking unsightly and the zip feature is perfect as it can be adjusted to not tangle, share with friends or just find a comfortable level to zip it up to to listen to your music all day.

With this in mind, we at LoveCases decided to launch a range of Zippit Headphones so you can see their style and uniqueness for yourself. They are priced at £11.95 and come in a range of 3 different colours to brighten up your music playing device and brighten up your attire. So take head on over to LoveCases and see them for yourself as I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I am.


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